Creating Digital Assets For Your Business

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What are digital assets and how much are they worth?

Ranging from a Facebook account to a geo-targeted Foursquare account, digital assets are created for Your business and remain on the internet forever. They grow with you and increase in value exponentially as your business builds and accumulates a strong reputation and clientele.

Working along with your website and online and offline branding these digital assets promote your business and attract large quantities of ready to buy customers to your products, services, and brand.

It’s not unusual to see Digital Online Assets to be worth 6 figures and more.

By increasing in value they in turn increase the value of the business. If someone would ever want to sell their business they would certainly be able to demand much more since the digital assets are in place and have been maintained with high page ranks and search value.

When a potential customer searches for a business these pages will come up in the searches providing greatly enhanced visibility. Another strong point is that when a potential customer visits the businesses website they are looking for reasons to work with you or decline your services. With a strong online presence and accounts that have been properly set up and maintained, it’s highly likely you have a huge advantage over the competition and the customer will feel comfortable selecting your business for their current and future needs.

Lets not forget the referral value either. Attractive online media is easily shared by a click of the mouse or word of mouth again stretching your businesses reach far beyond your competition.

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Martin Hamilton

One of America's top digital marketers. Writer and archery enthusiast.

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