How To Build A Salesfunnel

How Sales Funnels Work To Make You Money

What Is a Sales Funnel and Why Is It Important?

A sales funnel is the path a customer takes to purchase from your business, all the way from interested prospect to converted customer.

Every business has a sales funnel because every business (presumably) is trying to turn visitors into leads and leads into paying customers.

But naturally, an intentionally crafted sales funnel is about 100 times more effective than a sales funnel which is left to random chance.

Unfortunately, 68% of companies have not tried to measure or identify their sales funnel.

At MAH Digital Marketing, we specialize in creating sales funnels that convert like wildfire!

In other words, optimizing your sales funnel is absolutely vital if you want to make more sales, convert more prospects, and build a more successful business (which, of course, you do).

But before showing you how you can create your own effective sales funnels… a quick distinction between the marketing funnel and the sales funnel.

The Difference Between a Sales Funnel and a Marketing Funnel

Most marketers use the terms “sales funnel” and “marketing funnel” interchangeably.

A quick Google search will try to convince you that those two funnels are the same — that they both lead from awareness to conversion (or thereabouts).

But there’s an important distinction to make between the sales funnel and the marketing funnel.

In our view, the marketing funnel is the entire journey from a person being aware of your business to that person becoming a committed customer. That is, the marketing funnel would include running paid ads, sending follow-up emails, search engine optimization, and everything in between.

The sales funnel, on the other hand, is the piece within the marketing funnel that deals with interest, consideration, and conversion.

The sales funnel would only include elements like the sales page, the order page, the upsell page, the “Thank You” page, and any other pages which directly influence the actual conversion event (which could be generating leads or making sales). For example…

The sales funnel represents the sales part of the prospect’s buying journey, but the marketing funnel represents the entire journey

Now that you understand the difference between the marketing funnel and the sales funnel, let’s turn our attention to how you can make your own sales funnels that convert like clockwork.

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