Inside The Prospects Mind

Inside the prospects mindset. How good are you at establishing rapport?

Take a look at these things we need to prove to the prospect to ensure they will buy from us.
1) Show me that I’m in the right place to give me what I’m looking for.
2) Know the emotional hot points that are related to me and keep repeating them to me.
3) Talk to me in a personal one one tone, show me that you get me and be specific.
4) Design everything in a way that it is easy for me to comprehend.
5) Leave me better off than when I got here. Give me something to take away right now.
6) Help me to feel that you are trustworthy.
7) Help me to feel that I have a personal advantage.
8) Tell me how your story came to be in a way that relates to me.
9) Tell me exactly what I need to do to take the next step.
10) Translate your value into currency.
11) Turn around my risk so that you have it.

Persuasion elements: Reciprocity, Commitment and Consistency, Social Proof, Authority, Liking, Scarcity.

Martin Hamilton

One of America's top digital marketers. Writer and archery enthusiast.

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