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Scientific AdvertisingScientific Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins

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The Grandfather of modern day marketing. He is the inventor of the coupon. He invented the coupon for a reason most people wouldn’t guess. Claude Hopkins invented the coupon to ‘track’ sales. How else would he know which ads were getting responses? How clever! His advice “track everything.” Back in the days of newspaper and periodical advertising the cost was expensive. With no free emails being sent and stamped post office mail the only option, tracking an advertisement was very crucial. He was a master at split testing (using more than one offer, tracking results, and finding the winner.)

This book was written in the early 1900’s and the principles are still as fresh today as they were then. Human nature hasn’t changed. Just because we have more methods to get our messages out with doesn’t mean the principles have changed. A must read of you are in business, selling, or a stay at home Mom. Everyone needs to understand human psychology, even if it’s with their spouse at the dinner table or with their kids out at the mall. Thanks Papa Claude!!

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