Adwords Mgmt. Service

Google Adwords pay per click (ppc) advertising is the fastest, most reliable way to deliver web traffic and phone calls to your business. Used properly, ppc can generate profits, direct your SEO efforts, and increase your market presence.

Our Adwords management services give you total peace of mind. Every aspect of your ppc campaign is taken care of. There are 5 main parts to our world class AdWords Management Service. They are: Campaign Strategy and Objectives, Campaign Set-up, Campaign Management, Reporting, and Optional Extras. Below is a detailed listing of each extensive module.

Quickly look at the list below of 25 items performed every week on your account. We do more than this for you! Grow Your Profits and Engage Customers with a Proven Approach to Business Success. Better yet, do it without gimmicks and get instant ROI with MAJOR sales!

     Category                  Task
1) Account Wide:     Address relevant Google alerts.
2) Account Wide:     Investigate any dramatic drops in impressions, clicks, position, etc.
3) Settings:               Review Search Partners’ performance and disable if not performing well.
4) Budget:                 Analyze budget pacing for remainder of the month.
5) Budget:                 Check prior 7 day budget.
6) Budget:                 Impressions share analysis.
7) Keywords:            Review top performing keywords.
8) Keywords:            Review top spending keywords.
9) Keywords:            Pause poor performing keywords.
10) Keywords:          De-duplicate keywords.
11) Keywords:          Add long tail keyword phrases from the search query report.
12) Keywords:          Drop bids on high spending, non converting, high positioned keywords.
13) Keywords:          Increase bids on good quality, high ROAS keywords.
14) Keywords:          Research and apply negative keywords.
15) Bids:                    Identify opportunities to reduce costs.
16) Bids:                    Compare and analyze average positions and CPCs.
17) Bids:                    Adjust bids on low position, low quality score keywords.
18) Bids:                    Evaluate mobile bid performance, and adjust modifier up or down.
19) Bids:                    Evaluate location bid modifiers if present, and adjust modifier up or down.
20) Ad Copy:             Adjust ad copy on low position, low quality score keywords.
21) Ad Copy:             Test new ad copy/ad groups on low position, low quality score keywords.
22) Ad Copy:             Review ad copy tests that have collected adequate data, and pause non-                                           performers.  (Always ensuring at least two ads per ad group are live.)
23) Ad Copy:             Write new ad copy variations where needed.
24) Ad Copy:             Build out new ad groups based on high converting search terms as needed.                                     (in terms of not being met by existing ad copy).
25) Placements:       Review placement report for non-performing, high-spending placements to                                     be excluded.

Service scope is independent of campaign spend. We ensure the right actions are taken for your campaign, regardless of size or spend. Some points below won’t be needed if you have existing campaigns.


  • Confirm campaign targets
  • Analyze existing campaigns
  • Device selection (computers/tablets/mobile)
  • Location targeting
  • Ad scheduling
  • Keyword research
  • Banner design (5 banners 728 x 90)
  • Remarketing setup
  • Website/landing page analysis
  • Competitor research
  • Apply best available Adwords voucher


  • Ad copy writing
  • Ad extensions (eg click to call)
  • Keyword selection
  • Negative keyword list
  • Account build
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Integrate Adwords & Google Analytics
  • Setup conversion goals
  • Product listing ads
  • Adwords Beta tests *
  • Call tracking with 2 free numbers and $5 of call credit


  • Budget management – no surprises – ever
  • Daily alert system to identify unexpected campaign behavior with management response
  • Highly targeted keyword Ad groups – max 5 keywords per Ad group
  • Identify and prioritize top performing keywords
  • Identify and eliminate non-performing keywords
  • Ad split testing – minimum 2 ads per ad group
  • Keyword match type testing
  • Keyword bid management
  • Statistically sound testing methodology
  • Quality score tracking and improvement
  • Banner ad split testing
  • Remarketing audience build and segmentation
  • Banner ad set build (top performing banners in 6 sizes)
  • Device performance analysis
  • Schedule performance analysis (day of week, time of day)


  • Weekly performance reporting
  • Weekly actions reporting
  • Monthly account report


  • Landing page creation
  • Landing page split testing
  • Click fraud analysis and prevention


*We are authorized by Google to have access to Adwords beta test programs. This means that our clients can take advantage of some new Adwords features before they are generally available to regular users. This can often lead to a competitive advantage in the market. Beta products will be offered where it is in the best interests of the campaign.

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