This is the heart of any business. Without effective communication nothing happens.

Copywriting can and often is misunderstood. Through my 25 years of being in marketing this has to be proven as the make or break skill-set.  Words that get cash is the simplest way to define good business copywriting. If you are non-profit then we can say it is words that persuade an action.

Take a look at the Wikipedia definition for “Copywriting”: “Copywriting is writing copy for the purpose of advertising or marketing…”

An action could be as small as filling in a simple form to purchasing a high end product. We will do this through writing what’s called ‘direct response’ copywriting in the form of a sales letter, video sales letter, and print ads. Each of these must be engineered with an artistic and structured flow that leads the prospect to take a firm action.

In direct response copywriting we eliminate the decision to buy and replace it with the DESIRE to buy. They need to be thinking “I need it now because it’s going to make my life happier.”copywriting services “Because it’s going to give me _____, _____, and _____, and that makes me happy. They need to feel they’re going to get their investment money back ten fold. Investment not expense. It’s about being happier and making their lives better and more enjoyable.

We want your business to get referrals and lots of them. MAH Digital Marketing wants your business to succeed before we succeed. You’re first and we want to earn that mighty trust.