Video Sales Letters

We specialize in the most successful style of Video Sales Letter available today.

Connecting to the heart and soul of your prospect or lead is what the complex Story Style VSL accomplishes.

This isn’t just a few selling slides telling them what they already know. Your customerVideo Sales Letter vsl service picture will instantly develop rapport with you and your business. It’s a very powerful selling style and we insist you don’t use them to sell something that isn’t top quality and life enhancing.

It takes up to several weeks to complete a vsl because of the intense psychology and story structuring tailored to your specific product or service.

I direct VSL’s to targeted audiences compelling them to purchase or enroll with your business and products/services.

A very effective formula is used to craft your USP. Next the Hook and Headline Formula will generate, specifically, what your prospect is looking for. They will wake up thinking about how your business can solve their problems. Next we’re going to implement the Snap Suggestion and Vital Connection. These concepts are very powerful. Next we’re going to Declare Independence and get into the Bigger Problem and so on.

There are no less than 30 and up to 200 slides that encompass your Video Sales Letter developed by MAH Digital Marketing. Our pattern has sold billions of dollars in the past 5 years.

They’re proven and extremely effective. There are over 70 steps involved with the assembly and production of your vsl.

Voice inflections, proper nlp wording, highlighting by using bold type with specific words, and making selected words red text that use subconscious principles to create hooks in the minds of your viewers.

This extremely effective method WILL get your products Sold.

Get ready to grow your customer/client base.

Call or email today to get your VSL on the storyboard. It’s evergreen and can be used with your business for many years. One of the best investments of the decade.