How to be a great marketer

Marketing is as much of an art as it is a science. It’s similar to being a mechanic on a racing team. Science has to be followed and procedures must be conformed to but creativity and innovation are always at the top of the list. Following up and through with people that are interested in your services is key as common sense would show always has been. Some things in marketing never change. The book Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins was written in the early 1900’s and is still on the top 10 list of best books to read on marketing and advertising.

What is different in the digital age one might ask? The ways we communicate and share information is the answer of course. Twitter, Facebook, etc. have made it easier to get what we want and getting it faster is also a reality. Collecting and analyzing data of consumer buying habits has further built the landscape of business to consumer relations and built it to a higher level than it has ever been before.

To be a great marketer one must have a passion for what they do and stay on top of changing trends and continue to learn new and updated methods of marketing companies to the public forefront. See what Wikipedia has to say:

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