Mobile Apps For Your Business

You know your business could benefit from a great mobile app. Being accessible on mobile devices everywhere can take you to new audiences of interaction and growth.

What Should My App Do?

An app is not just a website on a smaller screen of your phone or mobile device. A powerful app provides value to the user – it’s a tool, sort of like a Swiss army knife or similar

An app from an automobile manufacturer like Kia for example, which aids prospects in their decision process when buying a car. Using the app, potential buyers can compare car models at home, make a wish list of car options while on the go, and use the app in the showroom to discuss their requirements with the sales rep at the dealership.

Improving sales, service, and customer feedback is part of the overall raving fans appearance that appeals to your business.

Most business struggle with the time and technical expertise needed to properly implement a mobile app and have it downloadable for customers and potential clients.

Let us develop a mobile app for-all-your businesses needs. Optimized for all mobile devices and the mobile web and using the latest technology, we’re here to get the job done.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, start by brainstorming how you want to interact with your audience on their personal and business smartphones.

Think about which platforms you want to support. Don’t make it complicated. The most popular platforms today are Apple iOS, Android and Windows phone 8. Each platform has a large user base of smartphones and tablets, and each platform has its own app store where you can publish your app and make it available to your audience no matter where they are in the world.

While it’s possible to develop a single “cross-platform” app, in many cases your app will have to be developed separately for each platform out there. This is especially true if you want to use built-in features of the device such as the camera, like when you want your app users to take pictures, or when you want to provide a QR code scanner in your application.

Certainly that could mean double or three times the cost. Again, think carefully about how many versions of your app you will publish. Sometimes sticking with one platform for starters is the best option.

Next, you’ll need to think about smartphones versus tablets. Do you think you want to create a smartphone app, or a tablet app, or both? Smartphone apps are primarily used “on the go”, while tablet apps are optimal for relaxed, magazine-style usage on the couch at home while watching tv or doing other concentration splitting activities.  If you want a single app, with a design which is optimized for both smartphone platform and tablet screen sizes, this will have only a modest impact on your budget. However, you may decide that because these devices are used in different contexts, you would like to include completely different features in your tablet app and your smartphone app. If this is the case, expect that your budget may double.

Keep in mind there are three types of features that can be combined in your mobile marketing app: contentinteractions and transactions.

While content is relatively easy to add inside an app, creating interaction is more complex and hence more expensive. Handling full transactions inside an app is even more complex and will require backend integrations. For that, we bring in the higher level IT team! These are the guys that you’ll need on your side for a successful back end integration and it can be quite costly. Keep in mind your app will bring you more business and make your enterprise appeal at a much higher level. Most of the time an app will pay for itself within the first few months and you can reap the profits in full confidence and valor.

Now you can be interactive and get ahead of your competitors in no time.  We offer a solution for getting an easy to use attractive mobile app that will get your business shining on the mobile landscape.

Rely on our expertise to handle everything professionally and affordable from start to finish.

Starting at just $250 MAH DIgital Marketing can provide a great professional app for your business.


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