Get more clicks using PPC vs SEO

Being discovered on the web via organic search is important but SEO can be tricky and time-consuming, and PPC is often the most effective advertising route. A recent data from Wordstream shows that PPC gets 65% of search clicks, vs. 35% for SEO. A well managed PPC campaign makes money for clients, is predictable and measurable, and doesn’t have contracts and minimum budgets.

Many organizations that manage their own campaigns don’t have the expertise to do it well, or don’t have the time to optimize results and keep up with numerous Google changes. 250 Google Adword changes in 2013 alone demonstrates how much time and expertise is necessary to to make sure that ad dollars are well spent. This situation leads to inflated online advertising costs and poor results for many of the self-managers.. Often these organizations, not knowing what to do, give up and lose the benefit of this powerful advertising tool.

MAH Digital Marketing handles millions of dollars of Ad Spend every year, and experience shows that there is hardly an Adwords account that can’t reduce costs by at least 10% – 30%, and sometimes up to 90% while increasing click-through and conversion results. For example, just one of the many factors that determines the price an Adwords customer pays for running an ad is Google’s Ad Quality Score. A low quality score ad is often 8 to 10 times more expense than a high score – and that’s just one of the pricing factors.

Martin Hamilton

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