Google Adwords Management. Client Acquisition and Conversion Specialist.
MAH = Marketing & Advertising Help. Google Adwords Management. Client Acquisition and Conversion Specialist.

When submitting a job keep in mind that we will develop a content strategy, compile research, do drafting, editing, and fact-checking for the finished documents.

All this is done specifically tailored for what YOU the client wants and we meet these goals. I come up with a deadline, we agree on terms and conditions and settle on a price. Once payment is received work begins.

Once you have a vision and rationale of why you want to do this I will send a 3 page, 11 part General Briefing Document.

Good work comes from good briefs. I send this to my clients. It is essential to succcess.

My work is based on deadlines. I will send you an email summarizing the terms and conditions I have worked out for you the client. Once you see this, reply back to the email saying agreed. This will be our contract. It won’t be as airtight as something my attorney drafts for you, yet it often doesn’t need to be. If you require something much more formal we can exercise the agreement, along with the email that way. I just like to keep it simple. You will be sent an invoice to provide payment. Once that is received the work begins.Martin Hamilton

I look forward to working with you.

Martin Hamilton

I’m proud to have worked with clients like these: ACE Capital Group, Adobe, Advanced Micro Devices, Alpha Software , Amway, Bankers First Financial, Best Software , Business Formation Group, Dunn & Bradstreet, Carco, Century 21 M&M, Citrix Systems, Claris, Connectware Solutions, Cyrix, Embry Riddle, Dantz Development, DirecTV, Dish Network, Eudora Division of Qualcomm, Fast Track, Fireman’s Fund Ins., First Data Corporation, Frame Technology , Foundation Software , Freedom Fuel Intl., Fujitsu Software Corporation , , Hewlett-Packard , Homecleaning Denver, HumanConcepts , Information Software, InfoSoft, Infusionclick, Inset Systems, Intel Corporation, Intuit, ITV Ventures, Jump Music, KAO Infosystems, Kemma Software , Knowledge Adventure, LaMorinda Funding, Lucent Technologies , Macromedia , Malibu Nutrition, MarketModels, Inc., MapLinx Corporation, MDL Information Systems, MicroLogic Software , Mission Hills Mortgage, Money Source Today, Netscape Communications , NuVa, Otis Elevator, Pacific Edge Software, Pacific Gas and Electric, Platinum Software, Qualcomm Corporation, Qualix Group, Rational Software, RealNames , RealNetworks , ReMax , Safeway Stores, Shoreline Teleworks , Silicon Graphics, Sirius Publishing, Software Partners, SOFTWORLD , SunSoft (A Sun Microsystems Company), Sybase, United Airlines, Vertisoft Systems, Washington Mutual, World Savings and Loan, Xaos Tools, Xcellenet.