Scarcity, a big Key in sales

Scarcity principles can be useful for increasing your businesses sales.

When your business uses scarcity, your customer perceives that there’s a limited supply of goods or time available to deliver your services. This compels them to purchase the product or service.

Urgency is also a time-based strategy, making customers develop a fear of missing out. This compels them to buy within the limited time constraints.

With scarcity principles, customers are motivated to buy products and services because they see that everyone else is buying them.

The product or service has been validated by others offering social proof, making the customer feel like it’s a great purchase and investment.

Business owners can artificially create scarcity by creating an exclusive VIP offer for former customers only.

Another way added to this is by selling fewer products. A very common way to create scarcity in sales is by labeling items, “for a limited time only.”

With urgency through scarcity, customers end up buying goods and services because they feel like time is running out.

There may be a countdown timer on the product page or a one day flash sale which drives them to purchase immediately.

Business owners should use scarcity and urgency principles within their businesses marketing because it’s proven to help increase sales and it helps convert those on the fence.


Martin Hamilton

One of America's top digital marketers. Writer and archery enthusiast.

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