What Is Internet Marketing?

In the ever changing world of of Internet communications it is often difficult to make sense of the variety of promotional strategies and tools available. Even within the industry some online marketing professionals still don’t truly grasp the vast complexity and intricacies of internet marketing today.

Internet marketing is a set of tools and techniques to deliver four main goals or objectives:

  • Search engine position: getting the search engines to have a preference for your website, so it appears in searches relevant to your company.
  • Targeted messaging: getting targeted messaging out to customers, publishers, writers, and advertisers.
  • Building online communities: building online communities of people passionate about your company’s products and services. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to mention a few.
  • Driving word of mouth: driving word of mouth about your company and services within relevant online communities, including both the communities you manage and others.

The team at MAH Digital Marketing creates highly focused plans to deliver results on all four of these marketing platforms and areas. Our team has a confident understanding and track record of success in all areas of Internet, social, and online marketing. We have developed a highly customized, comprehensive strategy that considers all available techniques and tools. We can create a comprehensive promotion strategy that includes the most cost effective and profitable promotion for each piece of content we promote. Facebook ads structured to get a low cost per click is one example of our expertise.

At the center of the internet marketing world is professional copywriting and content. The saying “content is king” has become cliche in the web world, and this is proven over and over. Content Curation, which is legally sharing others content is important as well. Here at MAH Digital Marketing we create content including optimized website pages, blog articles for your site or other blogs, video content, photography and images, social media posting, social media and mobile apps, surveys to customers to gather emails, and online promotions.

The second and equally important step in creating an active and profitable website is content promotion to the search world. Content production is different from piece to piece, with different life cycles, promotion strategies, and metrics for success, but in each case the content serves to increase one or more of the main objectives of online marketing. The promotion strategies for online content are varied and complex and include search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, online video creation and distribution, online video promotion, online article syndication, digital newsletters, social media communications, online publicity, blogger outreach, online advertising, and search engine advertising with pay per click ads, media buys, banner ads and more.

In order to be successful online, your web content development and promotion strategy must be a continuously monitored and purposely managed effort, building your businesses audience across a wide range of touch points and communication channels. We specialize in seeing the  picture and helping your website capture an ever growing piece of your online marketplace.

Martin Hamilton

One of America's top digital marketers. Writer and archery enthusiast.

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