You Need a Web Site Or At Least a Better One.

Is your website working synergistically with all the other online traffic systems to get visitors into your business. Whether you are an online business or a brick and mortar establishment here are a few things to consider.Digital assets that work synergistically

1. Automated website
2. Big web presence
3. Relationship building
4. Repeatable systems (DONE!)

We want to keep in mind the “repeatable systems” part. Do four things a day, and have procedures consisting of four parts.

Example: writing an article. Write title in the form of a question, write short summary paragraph, paragraph on each of the three points in that article, concluding paragraph. Done. 250 word article written in 6 minutes.

Let’s go back to the beginning. Having all the articles, emails, link-backs, and traffic doesn’t make one bit of good if you don’t have a good website.
You need a “dot com” web address people can type in, or click on from other places… where they voluntarily join your mailing list for free and maybe even buy something from you.

“Buy something from you” … join someone else’s program through your link and pay you an affiliate commission. Pay you one time for a report or video. Join your monthly membership site. Pay you for coaching. Pay you for services like voiceovers or article writing.

Here are my two favorite kinds of websites and they should be yours too: sales letters and optin pages.

A sales letter is usually a single, long web page telling me about your video course or membership site. Listing a headline and a few reasons why I should be EXCITED to hand you money and buy this thing. What I’ll get once I buy.

An optin page is a very short web page with 1 headline and 3 bullet points. Offering me a free gift (usually just a 5 page PDF report or 10 minute audio recording) where I have to type in my first name and email address.

After I type it in and hit submit, I get that free gift, and I also get your messages from now on…I can leave at any time but I voluntarily chooseto stay.

Sure you can build a billion other kinds of sites like e-commerce sites (sites with tons of links
and things to buy, shopping carts… sounds like a lot of setup if you ask me), blog sites (lots of
writing involved if you ask me) and so on, but all but a few sites for me are:

Sales letters (where people buy) Optin pages (where people subscribe for free)

But you don’t have either of those things without a website.

1. You need to choose a niche. Pick a topic you’re good at, that you like and are knowledgeable at. Make sure you have lots of competitors. Competitors are good. There are lots of products about WordPress, for example. People who will setup your blog, or sell you a theme.

There aren’t a lot of membership sites teaching “how to sew your own homemade cable knit sweater.” Lots of communities and free information out there, not a lot of buyers. Go where the buyersare.

2. Choose a related domain name and make sure it ends in a .com. is one of a colleague’s  domain name because it’s about time
management. is that name because it’s membership site training.

Make sure it contains the name of your niche, is as short as possible, and is a .com. I don’t trust anyone with a .net, .org, or .info name.

3. Create a sales letter where people can buy SOMETHING from you. See what your competitors are selling and make something better, or promote them if they have an affiliate or referral program.

4. Make an optin page where people who want to know more about you, or want to solve a simple problem, can enter their information and get on your list. Then your emails promote the sales letter.

Pretty simple, right?

It all comes down to a few things. Have a domain name. Have a niche. Create a sales letter andoptin page.

You NEED to do this if you want to support yourself on the internet. Write or have written a great sales letter with an optin on that page.

So this is an article on how to set up a big part of your business. Of course if you’ve been in business for a while you probably have a website already but is it a good one. Is it a money making website. Is it driving you customers. You see a page on the internet is just that unless there is a marketing campaign set up to promote that website. A digital marketing campaign along with social media sites, citations, geo-targeted applications that customers can use to find you, and an email collection system that has a good followup system built in.

We do all of the above for you here at MAH Digital Marketing. Be sure to send us a message along with your questions and concerns about what you would like from your digital online assets at: support @ mahdigitalmarketing dot com.

Martin Hamilton

One of America's top digital marketers. Writer and archery enthusiast.

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